Buffy Anne Summers (buffyspeaks) wrote,
Buffy Anne Summers

Third Post Thingy

A. Phone. Filtered to Giles and Xander. Mid-Morning.

You two still around right? It's bad enough Spike just decided to go Stepford on us already.

Besides that...I think my brain is starting to dry after all these days hearing drone kiddos. It really is bad for my health, Slayer powers or not. Figures...

B. Action. Mayfield High. Locked to those with a solid reason to be there. School time.

[Buffy can be found on her counselor room, apparently passed out after headdesking one too many times. Truth to be told, she's pretty awake, but feeling like crap after she had just discussed with yet another girl of why she couldn't already find the best candidate for her affections. Buffy could now understand why some people retort to drinking; whatever in order to wash away the dullness of her day job.]

C. Phone. Unfiltered. Late afternoon.

I'm going to be patrolling the streets tonight as well...so I would really like if I don't run into weird people doing weird stuff, alright? I mean you are free to go out and stuff, but at least try not to get anybody hurt in the process, yourselves included.

Oh and if you spot something dangerous....err, scream or let me know if I happen to be around. No need for people to play hero, not in this town at least.

D. Action. Around Mayfield. Open to anybody. Late evening.

[Patrol time is a go!

Hopefully she'll get to stab something for stress relief today? Although no news is good new for her too, so whatever. The walk is at least relaxing enough for her not to mind the fact she's still trapped in yet another stupid little town.
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